Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I asked God who I was supposed to be.


I'm so tired.

My dad has been complaining about his job a lot lately.
His boss is pretty much a nasty jerk, and he really wants to do something else.
I know him, and he wouldn't complain about anything unless it was something that was really driving him crazy. He isn't getting a lot of sleep and he just hasn't been himself at all. Hes getting agitated easily AND THAT NEVER HAPPENS. SERIOUSLY. Now, all of the sudden he wants to take me out of Art Club and Vocal Arts because he doesn't like getting home late. And I would seriously rather just home school if he did. Getting up at 5 every day and sitting though class isn't worth it to me.
I could do so much more without all that.
I could still see my friends and I would have time to learn to play piano and the guitar, hang out at church, ride my horses, paint, get a job = mini cooper!..maybe I could even get some sleep every once in a while. ;P

~I'm trying to make the best of it