Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm making a backpack.
I'm excited :D
My mom took me to Joans today and I picked out some "Duck" canvas material (idk what that is either). AND I found a really cool pattern for a backpack. yay!
I was thinking about scanning my art folder on transfer paper and ironing that on it-even though most of the doodles are Mona's " P

VBS ended :( It was so much fun. We made "Alligator Nests" out of La Choy Noodles. Which were actually kind of gross xP. Making Pretzel Butterflies was cool though.

Brent is sick :(
he kept throwing-up today.

I feel like I'm being a bad friend. I haven't really been keeping in touch...
We need to go do something together c:

Oh and hi Patrick ;P


PS: I hate the heat.
So much.
I'm going to move to Canada
or some remote part of France
and buy a Siberian Husky.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I am a Ninja

Today was... thrilling. Like the emotions of a lifetime in one day. It was completely exhausting but still somehow magnificent.

I BOUGHT A NETBOOK *FREAK OUT* A Dell Mini 10 =D it's so cute!

No More Parental Block. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't been able to read most every one's blog for the past couple weeks. -.-

I spent at least 5 bucks trying to get a Squirtle out of one of those money eating contraptions with a giant claw. WHAT THE HECK DO YOU CALL THOSE THINGS? I never knew.

Mona and I found a little man in a purse at Goodwill. A little while later, at the other side of the store, we happened to find a CD with a figurine attached and at the back of the head there were footprints with a bar code, and the little man from the purse fit into the spot! It was fantastic.

I also persuaded my dad into letting me keep the eye cam on my netbook. He's was totally about to caulk it up.

I am sleepy, so goodnight!

PS: VERY late response but I named my guy-fish Koko C:

and apparently it's unMANLY to have a mirror in your room. xD is this true?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The very unimportant world at Large

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post so I could ACTUALLY have pictures of my Bettas to show you, because I am having a rather difficult time naming my DUDE-fish.
The lady-fish's name is Dannina ") (I'm still trying to decide weather to spell it with one n or 2...) I was thinking something Japaneeese?.. or, something of that orient...?..
any suggestions?
It's much too dark to attempt photography at the moment, so I will get back to you .

But He's white & red and looks very much the girly-man
He also lives in a trifle dish.

Liiike this one.

Minus the frilly dessert.

Today I volunteered at teen court, and this guy there reminded me so much of you.
He even looked like you.
It made me miss you a lot.
But, you will never read this to know.

I feel like sleeping,
so, goodnight<3