Saturday, October 10, 2009

I want to fold the world in my arms tonight.

It's my favorite time.
Shadows stretch out along the grass
The sun burns brighter as it kisses the sky goodbye
Long wispy fingers touching
in it's last embrace until tomorrow.

It's a pretty sight c;

I don't know why it came to mind now, but I've always wanted a sister.
The type that brushes your hair and gives you hugs;
that you can stay up all night and talk about everything to.
It would be nice.
I like to image that's what Kayla would have been like,
but she died.
A miscarriage, actually.
They aren't even sure if she was a girl,
but my parents always thought so.
The thing is though, I wouldn't be here if she had lived.
But it reminds me that I'm here for a reason.
-Because she didn't die for nothing.
That I am sure of.

It helps to know I'll meet her one day<3


zim said...

I have 3 sisters....but none of them act like it so i supose i feel ur pain ? xo zim

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